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DesignBuilder Packages are an integrated set of high-productivity tools to aid in sustainable construction design and earn credits with environmental schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.


Engineers, architects and energy managers use DesignBuilder to make design choices that optimize energy efficiency, comfort and cost.

OTEC is the exclusive representative of DesignBuilder in Brazil.

DesignBuilder software packages


A completely modular solution, DesignBuilder comprises a central 3-D modeler and 11 modules that work together to provide an in-depth analysis for any building. Each module fully integrates with its counterparts, so you can choose individual modules or choose one of our packages.


Software packages contain the most common module combinations for each class of user, as shown below. Modules can also be purchased separately and a LAN license with any combination of modules is also available.  


For energy analysis: hundreds of experts have used DesignBuilder to model millions of square meters and thousands of buildings.

For architects:  whether you're designing a renovation or new construction project, DesignBuilder is perfect for early-stage design simulations.

For Engineers: Provide insight to your customers on the impacts of design decisions on energy consumption with DesignBuilder's advanced modeling.

Educational:  Universities around the world use DesignBuilder because it's quick and easy to learn, allowing the teaching process to focus on design and simulation issues. At the same time, the software offers researchers unparalleled flexibility through access to EnergyPlus input files and a variety of advanced scripting tools.

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